2016 Gift Fair - Save The Dates!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Calling local artists, designers & makers....

Not wanting to make you run for the hills, it's only June after all, but we are very happy to announce the dates for our annual Gift Fair, which will be held, once again, at the resplendent Colston Hall.
This year the Made in Bristol Gift Fair will be held on 4 dates:

Saturday 26 November 
Saturday 3 December 
Saturday 10 December 
Sunday 11 December 

Building on last years success we know 2016 is going to be fantastic and therefore if you create locally (Bristol, Bath and beyond) we would love to hear from you. So please put these dates in your diary & do get in touch if you would like to receive an application form (in a couple of weeks time.)

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Christmas with Made in Bristol - Part 2

Thursday, November 26, 2015
Hello - It must officially be 'that' time of year as Saturday (28 Nov) sees the dawn of our first festive Made in Bristol Gift Fair at Colston Hall. So embrace the crisp chilly mornings - it's the season of twinkling lights, mulling & caroling and begin your Christmas shopping in comfort & style.
Have you entered our competition to win £75 to spend at our Gift Fair on the 12 & 13 Dec yet? All you have to do is name Joric's (our bear friend) cub. Enter here & share to get more guesses.
Here is a (very small) taste of what is to come....
Fawn Necklace - Forest and Fawn

Bottle Vases - Boop Design

Flight Coaster Set - Sky Siouki

Rolling Ball Ring - Anna Brimley

Bridge Coaster Pair - Lucie Sheridan & Made in Bristol

Seasonal Best Calendar - Studio Scrase
Walnut & Silver Leaf Pendant - Little Red Apple

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Christmas with Made in Bristol - Part 1

Saturday, November 21, 2015
Hello - Made in Bristol have a jam packed Christmas calendar for you to enjoy this year. Our resplendent Gift Fair kicks off next Saturday but first up is our new event - The Print Show - tomorrow (Sunday 22 November) at Colston Hall.
The Print Show will showcase the very best local printmakers, each with a host of different styles and techniques for you to enjoy. Our one day festive extravaganza is the perfect opportunity to buy original, affordable prints for your home or as a unique Christmas gift. See you there!

Here are are a few previews:
Excelsior - Simon Tozer
A Little Grizzly - Charlotte Farmer
Cardoon Seed Head - Hannah McVicar

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Shaun in the City Artist - Bett Norris

Saturday, August 29, 2015

With the hugely popular Shaun in the City trail coming to an end next week we got in touch with Bett Norris to find out more about her amazing nature themed Shaun 'RAM-BLE'.
Please can you introduce yourself....
My name is Bett Norris and I work as an illustrator. I studied illustration at UWE and I’m now based in The Pithay studios in the city centre. When I’m not painting sheep I create work for magazines, packaging, greetings cards, logos and animations.
How did you design your Shaun?
The inspiration for my design came from the parks and green spaces here in Bristol. I also wanted to show how diverse Bristol is so I filled my park with different sorts of people. Painting my Shaun was a challenge as I’m used to working digitally - but I enjoyed every minute of it. The path was the hardest bit as it needed lots of coats of paint - it took me about three days in total. I worked alongside other artists at the Shaun in the City painting space, that was great as there were always people around to offer advice if need be!
Where is your Shaun located?
My Shaun is located on The Downs, on the corner of Roman Road and Westbury road. I knew it would probably be in a green space but I never expected such a great location. 
Why did you want to get involved with the 'Shaun in the City' project?
I knew a couple of artists who had painted the ‘Gromit Unleashed’ sculptures back in 2013 and saw what joy it brought to people in the city. It also looked like a a lot of fun! When I heard about ‘Shaun in the City’ I submitted a design and was lucky enough to get selected.
What is your favourite design?
My favourite design is Martyna Zoltaszek’s ‘Shaun of the Jungle’  I was a fan of her work before I met her and actually have a couple of her prints. I was painting at the same time as her in the painting space and her design is truly a work of art - it’s beautifully painted. I can’t wait to see it at home in the botanical gardens. 
Which neighbourhood do you call home?
I live on the edge St. Andrews near the park which is lovely this time of year. I normally wander down Gloucester road at the weekend; There are so many great charity shops and excellent  places for fruit and veg. I also like Street Food for affordable Thai food and The Gallimaufry for a pint!  

Wow thanks Bett, such a interesting and fitting design especially for Bristol's year as European Green Capital! 
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Shaun in the City Artist - Paula Bowles

Monday, August 17, 2015
It’s time for another Shaun in the City artist interview, this time we met Paula Bowles who painted the colourful 'A Sheep's Eye View' Shaun. With such intricate detail you really need to get out there and find Paula's creation, it really stands out from the flock!
Please can you introduce yourself and tell us about your work?
I graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2005, and now live and work in Bristol, UK. I work primarily in children’s publishing. My first picture book title with Bloomsbury Publishing, London, was published in 2014, called 'Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth'. In 2013 I was one of 70 artists chosen to paint a giant Gromit, as part of the ‘Gromit Unleashed’ trail. When I'm not drawing and painting, I can be found swing dancing, cycling or tinkling the ivories on the studio piano.
How did you design your Shaun?
I designed my Shaun with pencil on paper using an outline of the 'Shaun shape'. I then drew my design freehand on to the Shaun sculpture, erasing and adjusting parts as I went, sometimes painting over parts I wasn't happy with. It was very much a hands-on painterly approach! My Shaun is inspired by Bristol landmarks, turning it in to a 'toy town'.
Where is your Shaun located?
Outside the Clifton Observatory.
What is your favourite design (aside from yours!)
I really like 'Beach Boy' and 'Woolly Wonderland'!
Where is your favourite Summer spot in Bristol?
Sat on the wall by the harbour outside the Arnolfini
Which neighbourhood do you call home & why do you enjoy about living there?
I moved to Clifton recently and am still getting to know it. But I'm really enjoying being close to the Downs and to Leigh Woods!
Tell us about an upcoming exhibition or a project you are you currently working on? 
I am currently working on new picture book stories, including a book inspired by the 'Bristol giants' myth. I am also taking part in a group exhibition of children's illustrators in Bath, during the 'Bath Kids Literature Festival' during September/October.
Wow Paula thanks! It takes some talent to paint a Shaun so well, it really is a an amazing piece of art! This is not one to miss so look out for ' A Sheep's Eye View' on the Shaun trail!
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Shaun in the City Artist - Simon Tozer

Monday, August 10, 2015
Simon's raspberry inspired Shaun 'Jarsberry Ram' has really pipped the other sheep to the post this year! Having already having painted a delicious strawberry themed Gromit, aka Gromberry, in 2013 he's a dab hand at this now. Let's find out a little more about Simon and his beautiful Shaun....
Please can you introduce yourself and tell us about your work?
My name is Simon Tozer, and l am a printmaker. I make my own screenprints, and sometimes print for other people. I do some illustration, and teach screen printing from my workshop at Centrespace, just off Corn Street.
What was your inspiration when designing your Shaun?
When l saw the unpainted Shaun sculpture, the word 'raspberry' appeared in my brain almost immediately. I painted Gromberry, the strawberry Gromit for the Gromit Unleashed Trail in 2013, so from strawberry to Raspberry wasn’t much of a leap of the imagination.
Where is your Shaun located?
Outside The Pumphouse on the Harbourside.
What is your favourite design (aside from yours!)
It has to be Shaun on the Cob.  My wife painted it but that's not why l'm saying it - it's really good.
If you could change one thing for the better in the city what would it be?
I'd build a public lido in the centre of town. Maybe in that pointless roundabout where the war memorial is, although that might be too small. But open air public swimming - why does bristol not already have this? And pedalos in the harbour!
The Bristol 2015 tagline is "initforgood". What are you "initfor" in 2015? 
l have a half allotment in St Werburghs and l'm init quite a lot, hopefully for good.
Tell us about an upcoming exhibition or a project you are you currently working on? 
I'm currently working on some prints on a bit of a maritime theme for Heals.

Thanks Simon, some great ideas there i'm sure we'd all love a pedalo around the stunning harbour! Make sure to look out for 'Jasberry Ram' along the Harbourside! 
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2015 Gift Fair - Save The Dates!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015
Calling all artists, designers & makers....

Can you actually believe it?  There are just 5 months until the busy time in all our creative calendars.  Not wanting to make you run for the hills, it's only July after all, but we are very happy to announce the dates for our Christmas Gift Fair, which is held annually at the resplendent Colston Hall.
This year the Made in Bristol Gift Fair will be held on 4 dates: 

Saturday 28 November 

Saturday 5 December 

Saturday 12 December 

Sunday 13 December 

Building on last years success we know 2015 is going to be fantastic and we hope you can join us.  So please put these dates in your diary & in September we will be taking applications for the event. (Watch this space for more info soon!) 

Now let's take a quick look back on last year's tasty & profitable (so you told us) Gift Fair:

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Meet the Maker - Jane Kendall

Monday, June 22, 2015

We catch up with Made in Bristol stalwart team member Jane Kendall to find out about some of her latest artwork; available in our Made in Bristol Lab shop situated on Bristol's Harbourside.

Firstly please introduce yourself…
Hi, I am Jane. I make lino cut prints, I live in Southville along with lot’s of other of the Bristol artists.

Tell us about the themes of your work…
Often inspired just by looking out of the window which is why birds crop up a lot as a theme. I’m also very inspired by artists such as Escher which is where the transformations and patterns in my work come in.

Tell us about your creative process…
Usually gets scribbled down as words to start with – I write down what I want to do. And then I research – I look at images, whether ideas have been done previously and also I research styles if I want to do pieces in a particular style, for example Japanese wood cut prints, how things are printed and then I start sketching. Once the sketch is complete I start cutting!

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on birds in flight with a two-layer print with lot’s of colours added into the first layer and the detail added in just in black on a second layer. Inspired by the Lab shop’s current theme of energy.

What do you feel makes your artwork unique?
Partly the papers I work on which are all different and all handmade and partly because I print everything by hand and include a lot of colour that is all blended into the same layer.

Which other artists are you a fan of?
As previously mentioned Escher, also Charley Harper, Kaffe Fassett for colour.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I read constantly, a lot of the stuff is just inspired by what I read as well as what I see around me.

What does Made in Bristol mean to you?
It’s brilliant because it gives me contact with my customers and contact with lot’s of other makers and it’s just given me a lot of confidence in what I do – plus I love working in the shop!

Ahhh she loves our shop as much as we do! Thanks Jane. You can find Jane's lino cuts, in our new shop, Lab Shop, part of the Bristol 2015 Lab. You can find the European Green Capital Lab on Bristol's historic Harbourside. Enjoy!

Lab Shop
10 - 6 
Everyday in the school holidays 
Fri - Sun in term time

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Meet the Maker - Hannah Broadway

Monday, June 01, 2015
Have you seen our new look Lab Shop yet? We are celebrating pedal power and the elements in our energy themed chapter. Need a gift for the bright spark in your life or do you deserve a treat for being a ray of sunshine? Come down to Bristol Harbourside and pay us a visit, you might even meet Hannah Broadway, one of our amazing shop team. Hannah's illustrations bring so much joy to so many people we thought we would catch up with her to find out all about her newest work...
Hi Hannah, can you introduce yourself please.
‘Do you draw pictures for a job?’ a seven year old recently asked me after running a school assembly… Yes I do. I’m Hannah Broadway and I’m an illustrator and designer.

Could you tell us about these new pieces of artwork?
It’s a new series of 3 prints,  ‘Blow Me Away’, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ and ‘Recharge’ each print looks at a different energy source, the wind, the sun and the moon. They are light-hearted whimsical illustrations that use both drawn and graphic elements. The pictures are in response to The Lab shop’s latest theme of energy, I didn’t already have anything in my portfolio that quite fitted the bill so I used the opportunity to create something new and fresh. It’s nice sometimes to play the role of client setting myself a brief.

Where did you get inspiration for these pieces?
My parent-in-laws live in a beautiful house in mid-Wales on a hillside and there’s a particular sofa that I like to sit on and stare out onto a wind farm, they’ve been quite a controversial landmark but I find looking at them quite peaceful and contemplative. I think finding ways to recharge are really important for both mind and body, a good dose of larking about in the sunshine or cooking your dinner on a fire, drinking whiskey under the stars while camping is a pretty good way of doing that.

How would you describe your creative process?
It always starts with a bit of thinking and for these pictures I used the journey cycling my daughter to and from nursery to mull over the ideas. I find walking and cycling are both good ways to come up with new concepts, there is something about the motion and fresh air to get my brain into gear. My pictures always contain a mixture of drawn elements, scanned textures and colour; with these pictures I enjoyed titling them. I like to think of them as moments from a story.

What does being part of Made in Bristol mean to you?
It’s a real pleasure to be part of the shop collective because as a freelance illustrator I spend a lot of time on my own with only the radio for company but with working in The Lab shop from time to time it keeps me in touch with real life people and customers. I’ve also made lots of friends and connections with other Bristol makers. It’s a big part of my life in fact Bryony (Director of MiB) is known as Bryony-pop to my 3 year old daughter because of the amount of pop up shops we have been involved in together.

In which ways do you make your artwork ethical and sustainable?
It’s hard as a freelancer and small business to be able to always put ethical decisions first because quality and affordability have to come into it. Having said that I use a Bristol based frame maker, all of my printing is done within Bristol and some of my packaging is sourced from an independent local trader. As a Bristol based artist I take great pleasure in selling my artwork in Bristol shops and art trails being able to meet people buying my artwork face to face, and I encourage people to support independent shops because we’re lucky in Bristol to have loads.
What are you looking to do next?
More drawing pictures for a job.

You can find Hannah's work, in our new shop, Lab Shop, part of the Bristol 2015 Lab. You can find the European Green Capital Lab on Bristol's historic Harbourside. Enjoy!

Lab Shop
10 - 6 
Everyday in the school holidays 
Fri - Sun in term time

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Meet the Maker - Gemma Hampton

Friday, May 08, 2015
We are looking forward to another fun filled weekend at Bristol 2015 Lab - we hope to see you there! We'll be looking at different ways to up-cycle furniture with lots of demonstrations plus free kids workshops all weekend. If you are seeking affordable and sustainable ways to give your home a fresh look for Spring come along to find out how to transform tired furniture with chalk paint (no sanding needed) with Angela from Harper & Harper.
Meanwhile over in Lab Shop we have had the joyful opportunity to once again work with Gemma Hampton (she is a Paper Scissors Stone veteran) who designs a unique range of stationary right here in Bristol. We caught up Gemma to find out more....
Firstly please can you introduce yourself…
Hello! I’m Gemma Hampton, an illustrator based in Bristol. I design a range of stationery as Gemimalou and offer a vibrant range of paper goods. All items are designed in my home studio and printed using environmentally responsible printers.
How would you describe your creative process?
My playful designs explore the use of colour and negative space. Illustrations are often created using multiple methods. I enjoy combining the traditional with the contemporary; drawing, experimenting in watercolour and working digitally.
Where do you find inspiration?
Spending time in nature, gardening and growing my own produce are hugely important to me and have a great influence on my artwork. In recent years I have begun foraging and learning more about wild food. Bristol is a a wonderfully inspiring city with an abundance of green space, a great place to discover all sorts of tasty treats
Apart from being a creative whizz what do you do?
Aside from drawing and painting I have ventured into the world of preserving, wine making and home brewing. I find it very satisfying turning foraged produce into jams, chutneys and wines. Although it doesn’t always turn out quite as planned!

Describe your studio or workspace?
I work from my home studio, which is a desk in the corner of my lounge next to a nice bright window. I tend to do most of my admin and designing here and will occasionally move to the larger dining table for packaging up stock and working on bigger pieces of design. I am fond of simplicity and like to keep the workspace fairly minimal with a few of my beloved house plants dotted around. 
What do you find challenging & rewarding about working from home?
Working from home gives me flexibility and freedom which is great. My partner also works from home so we keep each other company but have our own separate workspaces. It’s a good set up as we are able to occasionally work from cafes and go out for walks together. Sometimes I do find myself getting distracted by household chores but am getting used to managing my time better.
Which Bristol green space are you currently enjoying?
I particularly love taking a long stroll or cycle along the Bristol to Bath railway path, especially in the summer months when the hedgerows are heavily laden with fruits.
Which neighbourhood do you call home?
Easton is currently my home. It’s a really vibrant area with some fantastic independent shops, cafes and restaurants. I am lucky to live near two beautiful parks - St George and Eastville - which I regularly visit.
How do you try to make greener, sustainable choices in your work?
I use an environmentally responsible printing company and designs are printed onto FSC certified paper stocks.

You can find Gemma's work, in our new shop, Lab Shop, part of the Bristol 2015 Lab. You can find the European Green Capital Lab on Bristol's historic Harbourside. Enjoy!

Lab Shop
10 - 6 
Everyday in the school holidays 
Fri - Sun in term time

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